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1FIVEZERO offer a stunning balloon decoration service throughout Singapore.
Catering for all occasions what ever the budget. A balloon decorator will offer
their expert advice and design ideas and create an individual design to suit.

1FIVEZERO only use the world highest quality latex, mylar and bubble balloon
from one of the world best balloon manufacture, QUALATEX, So whether
you’re looking to add some more elegance to your wedding, add some
professionalism to your next corporate event, make your child’s birthday
unforgettable or just add some pizzazz to your next pool party, we can work
with you to design a concept that fulfills your event ambitions., the outcome
is stunning every time and will truly add that ‘wow factor’.


Here at 1FIVEZERO we pride ourselves on breaking the mould and offering
something different. We’d like to share with you 10 things that we feel make
us stand out from the crowd!

1. Customers First
1FIVEZERO is widely recognised as the company that sets the standard for
our client when it comes to customer service. Our staff are friendly, helpful,
and knowledgeable. Our aim is to keep you informed of your order progress
every step of the way. We put you first.
2. Quality Products
1FIVEZERO understands that new does not always mean better! That’s why
our range of products is selected for quality. We don’t just stock every new
item that comes onto the market. We vet our range and only bring you the best.

3. Attention to Detail
At 1FIVEZERO we pay attention to every detail of your decoration we use a
digital sizer to insure all balloons are the same size and shape. When
arranging your bouquets we arrange them so they are all the same height.
We also curl all the ribbon coming from the balloon and not cut it and leave a stump

4. Longer Float Times
In preparation for every job we carry out we pre stretch all the latex balloons
we also use a product inside the balloon to make them float for at the least
1 week and up to 4 instead of the usual 12 hours. So your guests can take the
decorations away with them and enjoy them at home and there is no charge for
this service.

5. Free Home and venue visits
We are please to offer free home or venue visits where we can discuss the
colours you are looking for and we will bring examples of all the colours
available. We can also discuss what you are trying to achieve with your
decorations we are happy to design unique sculptures and decorations just
for you. It is also easier to discuss the positioning of the decorations in person
so there are no surprises on the day.

6. Winning Awards
Award is one of our company vision and mission to make our company
different from the other competitiors in balloon industry. As a young balloon
company establish since 2009. 1FIVEZERO have won 2 champion award in 2009.
Below are awards that 1FIVEZERO had won:
Malaysia, Ipoh
-Celebrate X’mas with Balloon Contest - Children Balloon Costume – 1st Prize
-Celebrate X’mas with Balloon Contest - Twisting On Stage - 1st Prize

7. Qualatex Balloon Network, Q.B.N
1FIVEZERO is also known as a member of Q.B.N. The Qualatex Balloon
Network is an educational program designed to enhance those people
whose livelihoods depend in the balloon industry. As a Q.B.N Member
Business gains our company, 1FIVEZERO to access a wealth of balloon
ideas, designs,other international artist works, international competitions and
events information that allow our company to be on the competitive edge
with other competitors.

8. Qualatex – Certified Balloon Artist
We are proud to announce that our balloon professionals are not
any tom, dick and harry. As the man behind all the decor jobs are none
other than, Aaron Chee. Aaron Chee is well versatile with knowledge of
his technical skill, creative design and years of experience. With his talent
he had passed all his Q.B.N tests which requires a score of 80% or higher
to eligible for the C.B.A Examination. For all his hard work, Aaron Chee
is the 1st Singaporean being certified by Pionner Company, manufacture of Qualatex Balloon in
the, World Balloon Convention 2010 in Dallas Texas, United State Of America.

9.One Stop Convenience
1FIVEZERO offers other than balloon decoration and entertainment, we do offers other balloon
supply such as helium balloons with streamers, ready made balloon bouquet, various sizes and shape uninflate latex balloon, custom balloon printing, Mylar balloons in all sizes, wide variety theme design, long lasting bubbles balloons, educational books, balloons accessories (pumps, inflator,etc.).

10. Contact us
We are available 7 days a week 0800-2200 all year round, where you can contact us by
Phone, mobile, post, or email. If we can not answer the phone please leave
a sms to us and we will try to return your call the same day and emails are checked daily.

Don’t take our word for it, experience it yourself !

Products and / or Services
Our Services Include but are not limited to:

*Small Sculpture *Non-Round Sculpture *Balloon Twister * Balloon Dress * Balloon Figures *Balloon Bouquets *Balloon Centrepiece * Balloon Arch * Balloon Drop * Balloon * Balloon Columns * Balloon Canopy * Balloon S.O.P * Buffet Arrangement *Balloon Explosion *Balloon Costume *Balloon Walls * Balloon Release *Helium Balloons *Balloon Art * Balloon Supply *Balloon Printing *Balloon Advertising * Giant Balloon.

Payment Method
Please refer to our website for more details

Delivery Method
Please refer to our website for more details

Contact Information
32, Jalan Rajah Tower
#23-01, S'pore 329141.

Mobile: 93798880 (Aaron)
Facsimile: 62555632



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