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: Pichuya : Where The Magic Of Beauty Happens!
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Impressions: 7400     Clicks: 2629
Since: 2008-05-07 08:42:29
Category: Hair & Beauty

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: Pichuya : Where The Magic Of Beauty Happens!

Pichuya imports highest grade skin care products from various countries. We started skin care business due to our passion to provide customers with the highest quality of skin care products.

* Is taking care of our skin essential?
* Can we look great just in a few minutes time?
* Who? What? Why? When? How?

In the present market, there are many different types of brands of skin care products. There is difficultly is making choices to good skin care products. We understand the different requirements of our customers and at Pichuya you are able to find the product which suits your needs at a lower cost than retail store.

Pichuya is motivated by the need to provide our customers with the products that is value for money. We aim to bring in high quality skin care products that is currently sold and used in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to our customers in Singapore.

Products and / or Services
Brands which we carry are Dainty Design 丹堤美人, Shiseido, Beauty Diary 我的美麗日記, Xing Ji Mei Ren 心機美人 and 女人我最大 products . All our products has been strongly recommended by Taiwan celebrities and media.

Payment Method
Internet Banking or ATM Fund Transfer

Delivery Method
SingPost (Normal or Registered Delivery Singapore)

Contact Information
Email: enquiry[at]

: Pichuya : Where The Magic Of Beauty Happens!
: Pichuya : Where The Magic Of Beauty Happens!

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